15 November 2007

ISKRA created the first premium bread “Duhmiane Dyvo”

ISKRA had a task to create identity system, brand name, logo, corporate identity and slogan for the new bread and bakery brand, which are baked in supermarkets.

The new brand targetes successful people with hire incomes, who estimate personal identity and goods originality. 

Agency created an idea based on unique features of “shocking frost” technology used in new bread and bakery production. Due to this world-famous approach the bakery “Duhmiane Dyvo”is always fresh, hot and aromatic. Also due to Ukrainians masters’ experience in baking the best bread in the world using “Ukrainian spirit”, that basically distinguish this brand from foreign competitors presented on the market. 

That’s why the brand name which means in translation “Flavored Miracle” was chosen because of the best reflecting an idea of national pride, hand work and centuries-old bread baking traditions.

In brand logo and corporate identity “Duhmiane Dyvo” ISKRA used the style of engraving which underlines the idea of handicraft in Ukrainians “bread art”.