12 October 2007

Ideas of ISKRA are always … with the best condiments.

ISKRA created TV Campaign “№1 in Your Heart” for “Mivina Condiment” that was on television broadcast in October 2007.

TV campaign shows  “Mivina Condiment” leadership on Ukrainian market in the category of condiments, and proved with a fact by million Ukrainians women who chose Mivina during more then 10 years. 

Advices are at the heart of TVC “National Radio” because it is the best form of women contacts and recommendations, to which people used to trust them more than ad slogans. There are everyday answers of woman of different age and status to  the question “Who advice you ?” Mivina Condiments.

The TVC scenario is expanded, but at the and we understand that all women are talking about their favorite condiment “Mivina”.