14 March 2009

Crisis prices at vet clinic “Bolshaya Medvedica”

Starting spring 2009 ISKRA developed ad print campaign for vet commercial medecine and pets.
“If your pet does’t play, do not throw it away as an old thing. Even if lack of money. In spite of crisis, vet clinic “Bolshaya Medvedica” offers low prices to cure your pets.” This message was delivered through two posters “Cat” and “Bird” made by ISKRA.

ISKRA creative team: ” As vet doctors say, nowadays a lot of people do not cure their pets, sometimes get rid of them, because of crisis time and lack of money. This insight we used in campaign as the most typical and dangerous one. The answer to the problem is the flexible prices at vet clinic “Bolshaya Medvedica”, where the pet’s life is the most important issue, sincerely supported by ISKRA”.