1 September 2007

ISKRA Cases in "Digest of ad solutions"

Consumer branding. A new brand of fruit-and-vegetable preservation «Bon Kherson!»

Category: Food

Client: Ridna Marka Corporation


1) To develop brand concept for a new brand of fruit-and-vegetable preservation, that is produced in Kherson region, for the audience of men & women aging 27 - 45 with average income, who cook and eat food at home. 

2) To develop brand name, visual identity, label and pack design for 28 items of fruit-and-vegetable preservation.

Creative idea

1) Brand concept is about a product made of the best fruits and vegetables of Kherson region, well known by its sun, rich soil and farming. That’s why any food is more tastful with it 

2) In brand name double meaning is used: sun of Kherson land in every fruit and vegetable and product’s sincere wish:“ Bon appetite!”

3) The logo tells a story about sunny land, pack design is done in “Toscana village” graphic style that helps a new brand to stand out among similar looking competitors and to express its southern character.




KAKADU AWARDS 2008 - Gold in pack design, Moscow International Ad Festival 2007 - Short list in pack design, Kiev International Ad Festival 2007 - Silver in pack design, Idea Russian Ad Festival 2007 - Short list in pack design.

Launch campaign of a new brand «Мivina Domashnaya Lunch»

Category: Food

Client: Tehnokom


To develop communication of a new fast food product with the taste of homemade meals targeting audience of so-called “white collars”, men and women 18-50 y.o. of average income, with not stable work schedule and possibility to eat regularly.

Creative idea

We came up with an idea of mum’s food and homelike atmosphere one can get into, even being at working place, thanks to the product. The core message of the campaign is a “taste like at home”.


In tv commercial we implemented the idea with the help of a lot of sweet home details like: cups with dots, kitchen curtains, a little bird, check table cloth and mother’s voice: “My boy! Go home! Lunch time! ” Tasty food and unforgettable childhood memories became a powerful anchor for busy people who have lack of time to eat regularly and healthy. Check table cloth as a symbol of mother’s food homemade became a key visual of the tvc, print & outdoor layouts, POSM and internet banners. 


After launch campaign, according to «TNS Ukraine» data, marketing rates of “Mivina Domashnaya Lunch “ showed: 32,1 % of brand awarness, 12% of brand loyalty and 20,2% of brand consumption, that left behind the competitors in the category.