31 July 2007

ISKRA won Freken BOK in pitch

Pitch run by Biosfera Corporation ended by ISKRA victory. Six of the advertising industry's finest agencies were pitted against each other and tasked with developing Freken BOK strategy and creative work. 

Irina Demidova, Bogdan Kravchenko, ISKRA Creative Directors: «Household goods’ market in Ukraine is far from Western sales volums, and our consumers are not aware of all benefits such products have. So, it was a real challenge for us. Besides, we were fully happy to get this account on a full servise base, not just design or a brand strategy. It guarantees success story to the brand, and shows client’s stratigic approach to its brands development.»

Natalya Ahmerova, marketing director Biosfera Corporation: «Freken BOK has a wide range of household goods and a new philisophy of house cleaning. We try to meet the consumer’s requirements and always come up with the new products. That’s why our brand has a high brand awarness and loyalty, and we are full of high ambitions for the future with ISKRA helping us to implement them. Agency team is highly creative, experienced, and with personally oriented approach to work.”