25 June 2007

ISKRA cooks Mivina in homemade style

ISKRA developed national ad campaign to launch new fast food brand Mivina Domashnaya.

The agency was tasked to develop communication of a new fast food product with the taste of homemade meals targeting audience of white collars.

Irina Demidova, Bogdan Kravchenko, ISKRA Creative Directors: “We came up with an idea of mum’s food and home like atmosphere one can get into, even being at working place, thanks to the product. The core message of the campaign is a taste like at home. In tv commercial we worked a lot on cute home details, like cups with dots, kitchen curtains, a little bird, check table cloth and mother’s voice: “My boy! Go home! Lunch time! ” Tasty fast food and unforgettable childhood memories is a powerful anchor for busy people who have lack of time to eat regularly and healthy. Check table cloth as a symbol of mother’s food homemade became a key visual of the tvc, print & outdoor layouts, POSM and internet banners.”