29 October 2008

ISKRA shares grandmother’s noodles recipe

In October a new campaign for Mivina Egg Noodles was launched by ISKRA.

Agency was put upon a task to create integrated ad campaign aiming a new category laumch in macaroni products. To deliver unique product benefits: eggs in recipe, homemade taste and instant cooking, ISKRA came with an idea of a product made according to grandmother’s recipe but with time saving, so important for the busy people.
Ad campaign was launched on national tv channels, transport, subbway, press, POSM in supermarkets.

Irina Demidova and Bogdan Kravchenko, ISKRA: «Brand legend was built on product settled image, like it has English tea, French cognac or Moldavian wine. The same goes with homemade egg noddles strongly asssociated with an old Ukrainian grandmother making it from the best eggs and flour by herself. We used insite to get organic food, close to homemade from the best farm ingriedients.
That’ s why we choose country scene for the key visual as well as it is on the packaging.”