5 November 2008

ISKRA launched a new advertising campaign for vodka Bilenka

Starting late October 2008 a new advertising campaign of Bilenka brand is launched on Ukrainian TV channels and outdoor. 

«Bilenka is our favorite child in porfolio – says Irina Demidova and Bogdan Kravchenko. Having been creative directors in «Adventa Communications» ad agency, we launched it and shared then success for four years:ad festiveals awards and great marketing results.That’s why we were happy to be a tender winner to renew our ad service for the favourite brand.”

ISKRA got a brief to strenghten Bilenka’s leadership in demoratic segment in view of price raising tendency on the market. Besides, we had to prove brand’s competitiveness among the brands of middle low segment.

ISKRA solution was to communicate rathional brand values and demonstrate
the “most popular vodka”status of Bilenka based on the fact: every sixth Ukraininan man
drinks Bilenka! In Bilenks’s humour style all values it can be proud of were vividly shown:
high quality, nicer bottle & label, the best defence system among the competitors. As to its closeness to people, it was also traditionally expressed with the help of live bottle, that is
the brand identity. In a new campaign for Bilenka ISKRA as always avoided ad clichés. Even “the holy of holies” of vodka advertising - vodka production - was shown with nice humor.