5 june, 2014

Origami for Natural Nectars Juice

Iskra Creative Agency finished a project of creating a series of packaging for a new juice brand - Natural Nectars Juice. The task was to come up with a new visual language to portrait a natural essence of the product for such flavors as Nectar Energy, Nectar Sport, Nectar Sleep, Nectar Detox, Nectar Wellness. Since there are a variety of different retailers and similar products on the market, creating a package that will stand out amongst the other items is key to catching a consumer's attention. 

By incorporating classic Japanese origami techniques into the overall design, Iskra Creative Agency was able to showcase a very intricate and artistic type of packaging, one that will surely have consumers intrigued. "Famous Japanese technique for creating various objects and characters of paper is unique and is organic by its nature,"  Iskra Creative Agency designers say. "Besides, thanks to the Japanese culture, it is strongly associated with cleanliness, closeness to nature. Moreover, this is not a" natural rustic "style, widely used and boring. Abstract, geometric shapes of fruits and vegetables - very modern and attractive for big city consumers."