16 november 2013

ISKRA helps to deliver hi-tech to everyone

Innovative products in beauty industry continue to attract consumers, hooked on new and functional devices in attractive packages. Sirius, based in Silicon Valley, offers innovative technological solutions for various skin concerns. To launch new products, which are at-home alternatives to professional skin care treatments made to improve skincare routines and enhance natural beauty, ISKRA creative agency was tasked with developing identity, package design and supporting marketing materials for a range of four beauty devices: Pulsar, Infusonic, Nova, Sonic. 
The innovative products, aimed at offering more fun and easy use, were offered attractive packaging for a “gotta have it” gut reaction. Creative design solutions were simple, straightforward and designed to appeal to a wide range of ages, embodying Sirius’ mission as technology for everyone. The packaging takes away the visual noise and focuses on the key elements for a quick read. 
Max Zorin, Sirius: “Iskra is one of the most reliable contractors that we've worked with. Our go-to company for packaging and graphic design. Their service is fantastic, reliable, and efficient. What more can you ask for”