16 December 2008

ISKRА has won three GOLD awards at UA* Expert Ad Contest 2008


On the 15th of December the awarding ceremony of UA* Expert Ad Contest 2008 took place in Kiev. Traditionally the judging was conducted by the experts in advertising -marketing directors of the leading Ukraining companies.


From the professional’s point of view ISKRA deserved three GOLD awards:
in “Label and Package” category for design of premium bakery “Duhmyane Dyvo”,
in “Outdoor ads” for “Office food” posters for Mivina Domashnaya Soup,
in “Graphic design” for UkrSibbank postcard “Women’s day in French style”.
Posters “Airplanes’ Life at AirCraft ” received bronze award.
Irina Demidova & Bogdan Kravchenko „ISKRА”:
„We appriciate the advertisers who estimated our creative works so high. And we are very gratefull to those who gave us an opportunity to realize all these projects.”