25 may 2011

Modern authenticity of Infinitea by ISKRA

Canadian inporter of high-quality teas from over the world has developed a range of premiun teas under the name Infinitea. ISKRA's designers were given a task to come up with a new visual identity and package design in order to fit high price segment, reflect Asian authenticity and healthy product benefits.

The concept was created in oriental style but still interesting and appealing to the modern consumers. According to Bogdan Kravchenko, ISKRA Creative Director, the idea is based on the following points: transparent, as a good tea drink, oriental and floral patterns that unite all packages in one range; little plate with tea leaves—visual element that informs about different kinds of teas. So, in other words, combination of laconic logo block, premium-looking metallic containers and oriental themes in ornaments made package design qualified as modern authenticity.