PORTFOLIO / KAWABAR. Eat on the go! / Consumer branding

KAWABAR. Eat on the go! Many people start their day with a nice breakfast, hot cup of coffee with sandwich during lunch time, or have a quick stop for a snack while traveling by car in this little coffee shop KAWABAR on KLO gas stations. Concept, branding and architecture go hand in hand in this project created by ISKRA agency. It's easy-going, a bit vintage, very comfortable and relaxed style. We created brand name, slogan, as well as identity system, indoor interior design, and marketing supporting materials. The name and slogan reflects the idea of laid-back, comfy coffee shop. Simple black and white photos in the style of old italian movies combined with natural brown cardboard match ideally with the interior design, filling up the brand with right emotional values. The hand-written lettering and friendly illustrations create a warm, inviting, casual bar atmosphere. It’s young, fresh and simple approach, as well as food in KAWABAR.