PORTFOLIO / AstralPool / Consumer branding

New package design by ISKRA calls to dive!

ISKRA Creative agency was selected by AstralPool, one of the leadingsuppliers of quality swimming pools and spa products in the world, tohandle its retail package design development. The client was lookingfor producing a branded carton packaging that would match company’sstyle, be presentable in a retail environment, and deliver its “waterloving nature.”

ISKRA has come up with the design solution that pushes product’s waternature to the forefront. It’s now all about water: package visual,water made typography, logotype and overall feel as one big cube ofclear water. Also, its strength is in simplicity, as there is no moretechnical details, and  an eye-catching look that calls: “Dive!”

Lauree Brewster, Marketing Executive, AstralPool: “It has been apleasure working with ISKRA. They understood my job, and took the timeto look at the industry and ask appropriate questions to provide mewith exceptional quality of work.”