22 february 2010

PARI – a new brand by Krupskaya Confectionary Factory and ISKRA

ISKRA has developed packaging design for the new brand of chocolate sweets set with milk and jelly filling PARI launched by Krupskaya Confectionary Factory.

The challenge was to communicate taste of the new chocolate sweets, to be in line with identity system of Krupskaya Factory’s brands and to underline product’s positioning as a gift. 

Bogdan Kravchenko, Irina Demidova, ISKRA creative directors: “ Our creative solution was a design concept without pretentiousness, and the box with the transparent window decorated with the drawings of the most romantic city in the world - Paris. Bright and elegant ribbon adds the detail of holiday and gifting. The new packaging is attractive, has French charm, and easily identifiable within the Krupskaya Confectionary Factory family.”