9 august 2011

ISKRA created “city chic” for a new cosmetic brand Junkie

ISKRA creative agency was set a task to develop an identity system and pocket-package design for a new cosmetic line of shampoos, body lotions and shower gels, called “Junkie”. The new body care brand is oriented at city young women who are typical “junkies”, when it comes to fashion, trendy things and styles.

 The agency came up with a simple and elegant work, where minimalism in graphics together with provocative brand name and tagline «get addicted» placed on the label, determine the final outcome. Transparent label and bottle, tiny font were used with the purpose not to stress the idea of a “drug” that naturally has no need to be advertised. Along with laconic approach in design, palette of exotic colors and floral-babble ornaments finish overall city-chic feel of the brand.